Overview of our routine- Updated Autumn Term 2018

Overview of our routine at Stepping Stones:

Our Morning:

Children arrive and access activities inside and outside, we call them in for a quick register and circle time at 9-30.

The children are then free to play as they choose; whether inside or out. We encourage the children to be as independent as possible. We pride ourselves on knowing our children really well; we observe carefully and extend their learning through their play as appropriate.

The snack bar is open between 9-45 and 10-45; children are free to access the snack bar in this time. Again, we encourage independence, we enable children to pour drinks themselves and to cut and peel their own fruit. The children know to select their name and to put it in the basket to show they have accessed our snack bar. In such a way, we do not interrupt their deep level learning that is only achieved through extended periods of self-directed play. The children also demonstrate self-care skills as they independently wash hands or help their friends to do so.

We begin to tidy things away about 10-45, selecting the things children have finished playing with. The children continue to play until 11-30 when we bang our 5 more minutes to play drum. This gives children a chance to bring their play to a natural end.

After encouraging the children to tidy up, we split into our key groups to foster strong attachments and have a short period of singing and story. The children become very proud of their key group!