Newsletter- Autumn Term 2018

September Welcome Back



September 2018 Newsletter


We are thrilled to welcome both new and existing parents back to Stepping Stones. Please remember to take a look at our notice board; it contains all the information you need to know and is usually located under the window on the left- hand side as you enter the building. Our notice board also contains paper, envelopes and a pen; these are here for you to write any comments or suggestions (anonymously should you wish). The notice board also displays the names of our first-aiders and safe-guarding leads. The Parent Rota is also here, and we encourage parents to stay on the rota once a term; this enables parents to enjoy and see what we do and gives us a hand with the washing up!

Other information is displayed on the walls; you can find local events provided by the Children’s Centre and information regarding support such as Early Help.

Name Tree

We have a beautiful new name tree, please encourage your child to find their name and hang it on the tree in the morning. Should your child create anything beautiful during the course of the morning, you will be able to find this with their name on one of the tables.

Additional Information

Please remember to inform us of any additional information; change of circumstances, personal information, or health issues. It is important we have the correct information to keep your child safe. Please also inform us if someone different will be collecting your child, we will not allow children to leave with people we do not know or if we have not been informed that someone else will be collecting. If you child is going to be absent for any reason, let us know either by calling or by text: 07980 492024. If we have not had a message by 10 am, we will phone to ensure everything is ok. Remember sessions finish at 12 noon!

Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

Your child will be able to access the garden in all weathers, it is very important that they wear appropriate clothing and footwear; especially as we approach the winter months. It helps us enormously if you label clothing and bags.

Things from Home

We are more than happy for your child to bring in toys and objects from home, but please understand that these may get lost or misplaced despite our very best efforts to keep them safe!


Book Swap and Fare Share

We operate a book swap; books are available for you and your child to take home every day, just bring them back when you have finished and swap for another one!

We are now working in collaboration with Waitrose and their Fare Share scheme. Waitrose will provide us with goods that they are unable to sell but that are perfectly safe to use. We will then utilise these items within in the setting or offer them to you to use at home. Please help us to make this scheme work by utilising what they have to offer.


Finally, over the holiday, we received some very sad news regarding a child who was once part of our Stepping Stones family. Sadie now aged 9, died from a severe anaphylactic reaction. We were all very fond of Sadie and have lovely memories of her enjoying her time with us. We have added a blue dragonfly ornament (one of her favourite things in her favourite colour) to the garden to remember her by and have made a donation on behalf of Stepping Stones to her Just Giving page. If anyone feels they would like to donate to this, you can do so at