October 2016 Newsletter


The Staff and Committee would like to welcome back our families from last year and a very special welcome goes to our new families – we hope that you enjoy your time at Stepping Stones.

Notice Board

Please look at our notice board for information regarding topics, planning, snack-time and of course, the parent rota. Our topic this term is “Colour and Shape”.

Parent Rota

The parent rota is on the board each term, please sign up to help for a morning if you can, it really is a lot of fun and the children are so delighted when Mums or Dads can come in to help. Younger brothers and sisters are always welcome as well.

Clothing and Footwear

We ask that children come to us suitably dressed for the activities we offer, sensible footwear is essential and we ask that you name all coats and bags so that they do not get muddled up. We do a lot of messy play so please do not send your child to us in clothing that it is too precious. We do provide protective aprons but cannot guarantee that you child will not get messy.

Food Items

We need to ask parents not to bring in any food for their child, we do have some children with allergies and this can be very serious for those affected. If you need to bring in any food, please tell staff so that it can be stored safely and is not accessible to any of the children.

Parent’s Meetings

Denise will be contacting all parents over the next week or so to arrange a time to discuss their child’s progress. This will be at the end of a morning session or on the evening of Thursday 20th October from 6pm.

Car Park

Parents are asked to be aware that the car park belongs to The Church and parents cannot leave their cars there during the morning. Please drive carefully when dropping off and picking up as our little ones safety is our top priority.

Annual General Meeting

The A.G.M will be held in The Kendall Hall on Thursday 20th October at 7:30pm. All Parents are invited to attend and find out how the past year has been and what we plan for this year. Stepping Stones is run by a Committee of Parents and without a Committee we cannot function. We will need to elect some new members so if you are interested please speak to Denise or any member of the Committee.


You can donate online to us (www.thebiggive.org.uk) just scroll down and search for Stepping Stones Pre-School