Current parents

Current parents- please also see below for school readiness information for children moving onto primary school in September:

The staff are always ready and willing to talk with you about your ideas, views or questions at the end of a session. If you would prefer to speak in private about any subject that can be easily arranged so please see  your child’s key person or Sally Heath (Manager) or Claire Bridger (Deputy Manager) who will organise this for you.


As your child nears the end of their time with us (we cannot believe it either!), we would like to share with you some ways you can help your child prepare for school. This leaflet, produced by Kent County Council, gives you some ideas about how you can prepare for September, and should reassure you that school readiness is NOT about children being able to complete academic tasks for which they are not yet ready.  

At Stepping Stones, we will continue to build on your child’s independence by allowing them to do things for themselves and by fostering their resilience. We are passionate about children learning through play; play is how children make sense of the world around them. Doing things earlier does not mean doing them better. To extend and build on children’s independence, we will be encouraging children to change into a sports kit on Wednesdays to practise for our sports day. If you could provide for next week (8th May): shorts, T-Shirt (in your child’s key colour if possible) and some shoes suitable for running to enable this, we would be very grateful.

We will also display weekly challenges for you to complete with your child. These tasks have been designed to help you to prepare your child for the next step into school and to foster their independence.

Thank you

The Stepping Stones Team.

Please can you click on this link which will take you to the KCC leaflet: