October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

It has been so lovely to be back and we are so thrilled that the children have been so happy and busy; their resilience is incredible. We have loved getting to know some new families and reconnecting with existing ones. 


Thank you so much for your support as we adapt to the challenges we all face. We are pleased to say the changes implemented in order for us to operate safely appear to be working well. We are very grateful for your help in implementing these changes; please could you continue to avoid using the carpark as much as possible at this time as parents and children wait alongside the hedge. 

How You Will Get Involved with the Pre-School Community

As you will be aware:

  • We are a charity and we are run by a Board of Trustees that oversee the pre-school, our staff and manage the setting on a day to day basis. 
  • Our Chair of Trustees is Kathryn Rogers, she can be contacted by email: chair@steppingstonescanterbury.org.uk
  • Every parent or carer is a family member
  • Our priorities are:
    • children and families
    • fundraising
    • communications
    • staff and volunteers
    • governance

Our Trustees have continued to meet virtually over lockdown and since our re-opening in order to focus on these priorities. 

 All families received information regarding how you can become involved as a family member volunteer or a trustee prior to our reopening and your child’s key person will soon be asking how you would like to become a part of the pre-school community; every parent or carer is a family member of Stepping Stones. 

Phone Calls

We have begun to make calls home to families to catch up as we are very conscious that we are not able to have our usual connection and chats at the end of the session! If you haven’t yet heard from us, we will be in touch soon. 

Fare Share

Every Thursday we have been receiving a delivery from Fare Share. Fare Share is a charity dedicated to fighting hunger and tackling food waste. We pay a small amount for two crates of fruit that the children have been enjoying at snack time; they have loved eating a wider variety of fruit. Fare Share also donate other food items that we have been passing on to you to enjoy. 


The government funding received for children who attend Stepping Stones does not currently cover our running costs. We have asked for contributions through Justgiving to meet the shortfall. We are very grateful to those who have donated already and if you have not yet done so you can do so here: https://www.justgiving.com/steppingstonescanterbury


Please remember to inform us if your child will not be in; you can text or phone on: 

07980 492 024. If we have not heard from you by 10 am, we will phone in order to ensure children are safe. You can also contact us by email at: info@steppingstonescanterbury.org.uk. Please be aware that we cannot access email during pre-school hours. 

Social Media 

You can find out about events from

Focus Weeks

Each time your child comes to Stepping Stones we spend time playing, listening, talking and facilitating learning through stimulating play-based learning opportunities. At various times throughout the year, your child will be our focus child. During this time, we will record what they can do and what interests they explore and learns from. As we record these interactions, we will write down the teaching and how next steps were planned for in that moment and the learning that takes place. We will follow the child’s lead, as often good ideas for activities and learning opportunities come from children themselves. We would really value your contribution towards this when it is your child’s focus week and we will ask you to email or send in some photos that we can share with your child as part of this process. 


We love to explore the local environment with the children and have been considering the most effective way we can currently access the local area. We have therefore decided we will dedicate week 3 every term where we will be taking the children on a walk within the local area daily. 


We know it is still a long way away but we have been thinking very hard about how we can still offer our children and families some magical Christmas experiences. Though we won’t be able to offer our traditional Christmas Carol concert and party we are hoping Father Christmas will still visit and leave a bag of gifts in the garden and that we can enjoy a party tea and party games. We are also planning some outdoor Christmas singing for you to enjoy-watch this space! 

Please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s key person if you have any questions or ideas. Equally if anything in yours or your child’s life changes, please do let us know. We are looking forward to a happy year filled with lots of happy learning through play. 

Thank you from The Stepping Stones Team.